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Porcelain: Versatility at its finest

Porcelain is known to be an elegant option for tiling and provides a wide variety of uses and styles. The heated clay material is suitable for use inside as well as outdoors. Versatility can also been found in nearly every detail of porcelain tiling. One of its greatest features is that it offers such a range of possibilities. Because the material is molded and heated it offers total customization.
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Contemporary vs. Modern Design – choosing the right countertop for your home.

When deciding what to do with your countertops it is always best consider the style of your home and how you want that particular style to be reflected in your kitchen. Many will expect to hear that the popular stone of choice is granite. Granite countertops are durable, heat-resistant, and sleek, making it an excellent material for kitchen counters and other features of the space. Although even with all of the perks of choosing granite another contender is currently on trend, quartz. The material is also durable, while being nonporous making for an excellent surface on which to prepare food. Whether going tried and true with granite or trying something different with quartz, the next big step is choosing a color and cut that will look at home in your kitchen.
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