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MARBLE – Marble Fabrication and Installation Company Il

We have a huge selection of Marble. For your convenience we will also install and seal to protect your stone. Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from limestone with high heat and pressure over years in the earth’s crust. Pure marble is white, but exists in a wide variety of colors all the way through to lack. Marble can be scratched by a metal blade and fizz on contact with dilute hydrochloric acid. Marble is a very porous stone, leaving them susceptible to stains, pitting and cracks. Foods and beverages such as citrus fruits, tomato, wine, vinegar, coffee and tea will cause harm to this metamorphic rock. Due to porous nature, their uses for kitchen countertops should be carefully considered and if chosen remember you must apply a special sealer to protect. Check out our stone care article to learn more! However, its use in finishes for walls, floors and countertops outside of the kitchen is a lovely and luxurious option. Our friendly, qualified staff is always available for consultation to help decide if Marble is the right stone for you. Call for more options: (847) 690-9909