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Stone Countertops 2016 Trends

The kitchen is no longer just a place for cooking and keeping utensils because most modern kitchens serve as dining rooms and also provide spaces for entertaining guests. Kitchen interior design concepts are therefore very important and must take into account its additional functions. Stone countertops are essential in transforming the kitchen into an elegant and highly functional space in the house. When remodeling, one challenging task is usually how to select the current countertop trends in order to give your kitchen a great makeover. These are some of the 2016 trends that most interior designers and home owners have adopted when installing countertops.


Marble is a very gorgeous natural stone that is ideal for countertops. Most home owners and designers have been using it to create a sense of elegance in the kitchen because of the shiny surfaces. It’s smooth which makes it ideal for rolling dough and baking. Actually most modern kitchens are very specific on functionality and having a countertop that makes cooking easy is an important aspect that a lot of interior designers consider. It also blends easily with the theme color of the room to create a harmonious design. Marble countertops are extensively used when creating luxury homes and have become a hot trend in 2016.


Quartz makes for a really hard countertop surface that is durable and relatively easy to maintain. Quartz countertops are non-porous and have a unique blend of beauty. They can also be found in different colors depending on the tastes and preferences of the home owner. A lot of people are increasingly using quartz for countertops because of its ability to resist scratches. The fact that such countertops are easy to clean and maintain makes them ideal for the current kitchen design trends. The good thing is that they are suitable for contemporary, modern and traditional design themes. By choosing the right type of color, quartz countertops can bring luxury, elegance and beauty into any room. Many interior design concepts have incorporated them to create great decor. Since interior designing is really catching on even among the middle class, people are looking for something durable and yet attractive at the same time. The modern home buyers are very picky and most real estate developers have turned on the style to appeal to them through elegant interior designs. Quartz countertops are highly functional and are also able to capture the personal styles of the home owner. Engineered stone countertops have therefore become very popular and a lot of people are choosing to use them in interior design.


Granite has a pronounced color palette and its hard surface makes it a very ideal material for countertops. Granite countertops have been popular for a long time and are still popular now because they are resistant to scratches, heat and stains. They do not support the growth of molds and mildew which helps in keeping the kitchen hygienic. Granite has varieties of different patterns of specks, swirls and veins. Home owners therefore get to choose whatever matches their kitchens and compliments the decor. Even though granite countertops are not a preserve of luxurious homes anymore, they are still widely used to bring elegance and create a sense of luxury in the home. Granite is by far one of the most common countertop material used by home owners and is a popular trend even in 2016. The key is in finding the right fit for your kitchen or space so that your personal style is also brought out in the design. Easy to clean and durable, granite countertops will be widely used by home owners for a long time to come. There are a lot of trending stone countertop designs in 2016 that are not only awesome but also well priced. Countertops have become an integral part of interior designing and many home owners are going with those that create a sense of luxury and elegance while incorporating their personal styles into the design theme. It’s all about designing your home in a way that both you and your guests would love. The family probably spends a lot of time in the kitchen and so having it highly functional is very necessary. Stone countertops are beautiful and durable, making them the most ideal for places like the kitchen and bathroom.